(ELT) Egyptian limestone tiles quarries , factories , and showroom is based in Egypt , in the biggest industrial area of marble and granite factories the company started in quarries and mining business , then developed to serve its clients with manufacturing , supply and exporting for all kind of marble tiles marble slabs ,granite tiles ,granite slabs and limestone products from Egypt to all the world

Our main products are Egyptian limestone tiles and slabs, and the business expanded to include the Egyptian granite tiles, Egyptian granite slabs and Egyptian marble tiles
(ELT) offering a wide range of Egyptian marble tiles and granite products with high quality standards
The company has a big network of marble and granite distrusters in the entire world with fine selection of 20 kinds of Egyptian limestone tiles, and 22 kinds of Egyptian granite and many other Egyptian stone products

Our Egyptian Marble factory has the best tumbling machines “Kromas” which manufactures big tumbled tiles 900*900 and 900*600 tumbled limestone tiles, the Italian polishing line which was installed recently with the ability to produce more than 600 m2/shift of polished tiles and polished with resin Egyptian limestone tiles and Egyptian marble tiles

Moreover, we installed recently a big polishing machine for Egyptian limestone slabs in order to serve our clients in many countries and to be able to supply Marble Floors from Egypt

Another granite line has been added to our factories’ capacity to produce Egyptian granite tiles and Egyptian granite polished slabs
We have eight cutting machines which serve all the polishing lines to produce all the desired sizes
With the support of two marble & granite companies in Egypt for exporting and for installation; ELT succeeded to become the top tiles manufacturer in Egypt
With the marble factory in Egypt and our Egyptian Granite factories ; ELT capacity is around 1400 m2/day from both factories; so we are able to supply and export any kind of orders and requests as a big Egyptian granite supplier
ELT owns 12 Egyptian limestone quarries and 8 Egyptian granite quarries with the ability to supply marble & granite blocks

Our Egyptian limestone factories and Egyptian marble factories in Egypt can supply any quantity required of flooring marble tiles and granite
We also have Egyptian marble tumbled tiles and Egyptian tumbled limestone tiles in stock which can handle any request for UK and Europe
We are always looking for new, exciting natural stone tiles and granite flooring to add to our extensive collection. We also have a range of solid and engineered marble and granite on display at our showrooms.
Call today to discuss your requirements and we will happily provide quotations, samples and experts’ advice.