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Hurghada Granite Suppliers ELT

Hurghada Granite Finishing and Sizes

ELT provides fantastic finish that will definitely fit your needs; specifically for you we offer different patterns: Polished granite tiles, polished granite slabs, Honed granite tiles (matte granite tiles), honed granite slabs (matte granite slabs), Flamed granite tiles, flamed granite slabs (flamed can be used for outdoor granite flooring tiles), Sandblasted granite tiles and sandblasted granite slabs.

Egyptian limestone tiles (ELT) supply granite countertops with different thicknesses, starting from 2cm but the preferred thickness for kitchen countertops is 3cm.

A sight for our collection of Egyptian Granite (with different Egyptian granite types)

Gandona Aswan granite tiles, Gandona Aswan granite slabs, Karnak Gray granite tiles, Karnak Gray granite slabs, Red Aswan light granite tiles, Red Aswan light granite slabs, Royal Red granite tiles, Royal Red granite slabs, Verdi Ghazal granite tiles, Verdi Ghazal granite slabs, Bianco Halayeb granite tiles, Bianco Halayeb granite slabs, Nero Aswan granite tiles, Nero Aswan granite slabs, Rosa el Nasr granite tiles, Rosa el Naser granite slabs, Shabah Sinai granite tiles, Shabah Sinai granite slabs, White Safaga granite tiles, White Safaga granite slabs, Zeatone granite tiles, Zeatone granite slabs, Ramady Sherka granite tiles, Ramady Sherka granite slabs, Forsan granite tiles, Forsan granite slabs, Pink Aswan granite tiles, Pink Aswan granite slabs, Bianco Nouva granite tiles, Bianco Nova granite slabs, Rosa Shayeb granite tiles, Rosa Shayeb granite slabs…etc.