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Tips for Maintenance

For Best Practice

  • Try to blot-up any spill instantly to maximize stone’s lifetime.
  • Avoid using vinegar, ammonia, bleach, bathroom cleaner, tub or ceramic cleaner.
  • It is better to use mats or trivets under hot cookware or dishes
  • Also it is recommended to use mats under ceramics, silver, china and any other object that might scratch the surface of your stone.
  • If a certain glass contains alcohol or citrus juice, it is preferable to use a coaster under it.
  • Clean stone surface regularly with special cleaner designed specifically for stone.
  • Put a small rug/mat at the entrances to prevent sand and dirt from daily foot traffic.
  • Try not to use any abrasive cleaner (e.g.: soft liquid chemical or dry substance).
  • Regularly clean out countertops, vanities, floors and islands to avoid accumulation of dusts.
  • Keep the stone away from alkaline cleaners that are not formulated specifically for stone.