Bush Hammered Marble

-The finishing procedures are used to enhance the beauty and durability of the stone’s surface and to match different customer’s tastes. ELT offers you all available finishes on our stones to meet all our clients needs.

-Bush-hammering is a process that gives a finish to stone, marble, travertine, granite and concrete surfaces. The bush-hammering makes the surface corrugated with an effect similar to the orange peel. Today, bush hammered marble is highly appreciated and required for both practical and safety reasons for its anti-slip and aesthetic effects and for the types of finishes that can be obtained such as sandblasting, trimming, piconing, scratching.

-Before you make your decision, it is important to ask yourself a few questions and become familiar with all options before deciding which finish is best for you and your family.

Availability :

Marble Tiles & Marble Slabs


Floor Tiles yes

Wall Tiles yes

Kitchens yes

Bathrooms yes

External no

Underfloor Heating yes

Skirting Available yes

Swimming Pools yes

Stairs / Steps yes