Formation and Colors of Egyptian Granite tiles

It is a very hard, granular, crystalline, igneous rock; it is mainly formed of quartz and albite feldspars with certain amount of other minerals as mica.
Granite colors ranging from Pink color to dark gray or even black color; depending on their chemistry, texture & structural characteristic.

Granite Areas

“Granite Egypt” it’s a trade mark! Where almost all the ancient granite quarries in Egypt were gathered along the Nile in the city of Aswan, Edfu, Widan El Faras and Gabal El Ahmar near Cairo, you might found also some Egyptian granite quarried in Sinai region.

Advantages / Importance of Egyptian Granite

Egyptian Granite is a very heavy and durable natural rock, timeless and long-lasting for ages as long as a proper technique is used while installing.
Egyptian Limestone Tiles (ELT) presents to you a heavy stone that can afford heavy loads on it. It is ideal in flooring; as granite floor tiles, stairways and kitchen countertops because it can be treated with anti-scratch option; in addition to its water, moisture, heat and bacteria-resistance.
Egyptian Granite is very practical in usage and it is a stylish floor covering that will add a great value to your own home or business.

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How can you choose the right granite

It is very important to decide the correct granite for your project or even for your home; we promise you to find in our products all your needs and match your demands. Egyptian limestone tiles (ELT) is a major Egyptian granite supplier that has its own Egyptian granite factories, the experts and the state-of-the-art tools that can help you in selecting the best granite flooring tiles that suit you; offering different flooring tiles with a wide variety of wonderful & charming granite colors and finishing.
Be one of the granite importers in Egypt through dealing and exporting from ELT

Uses of Egyptian Granite

Granite in Egypt is known from thousands of years; in buildings, bridges, paving, monuments, and many other exterior projects.
Egyptian limestone tiles (ELT) has the pleasure through its granite factories to offer a plenty of designs where valuable customers can use Egyptian Granite: indoors; where polished granite slabs and polished granite tiles are used as granite kitchen countertops (polished granite countertop tiles), residential and commercial bathroom vanities, tub and shower surroundings, granite shower, indoor granite flooring, Egyptian tile floors in granite, fireplace surroundings, furniture and transactions tops, bathtubs, sinks, wall cladding, stairs
And also Egyptian granite is ideal outdoors; for outdoor granite flooring, stairs treads (stairways), swimming pool surroundings in granite, granite pavers, columns, curbing, building veneer, and cemetery monuments and much more with all granite tile sizes you need
We have our expert designers who would have the pleasure to help you in any “Kitchen granite design” needed

Finishing and Sizes

ELT provides fantastic finish that will definitely fit your needs; specifically for you we offer different patterns: Polished granite tiles, polished granite slabs, Honed granite tiles (matte granite tiles), honed granite slabs (matte granite slabs), Flamed granite tiles, flamed granite slabs (flamed can be used for outdoor granite flooring tiles), Sandblasted granite tiles and sandblasted granite slabs.
Egyptian limestone tiles (ELT) supply granite countertops with different thicknesses, starting from 2cm but the preferred thickness for kitchen countertops is 3cm.

A sight for our collection of Egyptian Granite (with different Egyptian granite types)

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