Indoor floor tiles


Indoor floor tiles are the most valuable feature at home, it is the main point of interest for rooms and the central for all other internal decoration, because of this great significance; your residence should  be made from natural stone. The enormous set of colors of natural stones allows a plenty of choices of Indoor floor tiles each with a special.

Natural stone is characterized by its heat and water resistant. moreover; it acts as an electrical Insulator that covers the wires and pipes underground.

And through following and applying the right maintenance and stone care methods; you will prevent your valuable stone from any spilt liquids, dust, scratches and all other incidents that might be occurred.


ELT can offer you customized designs to meet all your needs; implemented with perfect and exact measures to grant you a marvelous look whether straight stairs, straight stairs with a central landing, “L” shape stairs, curved stairs or library ladder stairs.
Rough finishing/edge to avoid serious injury.

You can easily send us your floor area and the tile sizes you would like to install, guided by our standard sizes,

Or ELT design team can assist you in selecting the best size for your case to use. It will be our pleasure to answer any question or offering any help through our expert designers.

Examples for our Indoor floor tiles: French limestone flooring, opus tile pattern, tumbled limestone flooring, grey limestone tiles, limestone flooring tiles, dove grey tumbled limestone, rustic limestone flooring tile, limestone tile shower, black limestone floor tiles, Jerusalem limestone tiles, galala limestone, galala marble, black Egyptian marble, limestone flooring in kitchen…etc.


It is used nowadays as a decorative tool that gives a warm atmosphere to the place.
Egyptian Marble / Egyptian limestone, Egyptian granite and natural stones in Egypt are the best choice for this application.