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Flooring Tiles "Outdoor"

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Flooring Tiles “Outdoor” means the paved areas in the streets and pavements; also in the large business projects or houses.

The outdoor flooring is coated with hard tiles permitting anti-rain paving and carrying on your place appeal.

Choosing Natural stone for outdoor flooring is the best choice for this application because of their strength and its ability to withstand all the different weather conditions.

ELT offer different designs for landscape with variety of styles of finishing;French limestone flooring, limestone tile outdoor,sandstone flooring, 

black limestone floor tile, Dijon tumbled limestone floor tile, tumbled limestone paving,

 sandstone flooring, limestone flooring tile, grey tumbled limestone floor tiles, rustic limestone floor tiles, limestone outdoor tiles, outdoor limestone pavers, grey limestone slabs, limestone pavers around pool, grey limestone acid etched, light limestone acid etched…etc.
Also we supply the French pattern tiles or sometimes called the opus tile pattern

ELT can offer you customized designs to meet all your needs; implemented with perfect and exact measures to grant you a marvelous look whether straight stairs, straight stairs with a central landing, “L” shape stairs, curved stairs or library ladder stairs.
Rough finishing/edge to avoid serious injury.

Swimming Pools Tiles
ELT offer water and frost proof tiles for swimming pools to withstand the extreme climate changes.
Rough finishing can be added for such places to avoid serious injury.
Our collection of mosaic can also be an excellent choice for swimming pool areas.

Column is a decorative element that grants the building a classy, prosperity and luxury look.
ELT supply a wide variety of materials and designs that can help: Sunny marble, Sinai Pearl limestone, Triesta limestone, Filetto marble, Galala marble, Nile grey limestone, Hathor Cream limestone, imperial marble, Jerusalem light limestone, Fure Selsela marble, and also Gandona Aswan granite, Karnak Gray granite, Red Aswan granite, Royal Red granite, Verdi Ghazal granite, Nero Aswan granite, Bianco Halayeb granite, Shabah Sinai granite, Ramady Sherka granite, black granite and many more.

Egyptian Limestone

Jerusalem light limestone / Sunny limestone, Sinai Pearl Honed limestone / Teriesta limestone, Dijon Tumbled limestone floor tiles / Triesta “Sinai Pearl”, Sinai Pearl Brushed limestone “Triesta”, Sinai Pearl Sandblasted limestone for swimming pools, Dijon Honed limestone, Sunny light splitface Egyptian limestone “Light Jerusalem”, Sunny medium Egyptian limestone “Light Jerusalem”, Galala light Egyptian limestone, Galala light brushed Egyptian limestone, Triesta limestone Egypt, Sunny light Egyptian limestone “Light Jerusalem”, Silvia Egyptian limestone, Catrina Tumbled limestone tile and brushed Egyptian limestone “Relic grey”, Breccia Egyptian limestone, Nile grey limestone, Fure Flower Egyptian limestone, Filetto Egyptian limestone, Khatmia Egyptian limestone, Golden Sinai Egyptian limestone, Fantasia Flower Egyptian limestone, Fure Selsela Egyptian limestone, Imperial Egyptian limestone, Fresca Selsela Egyptian limestone, Hathor Cream Egyptian limestone “Imperial marble”, Samaha Egyptian limestone, Zamzam Egyptian limestone, dove grey tumbled limestone, Grey limestone acid etched, light limestone acid etched, Jerusalem limestone tiles, rustic limestone floor tiles, Sinai limestone Egypt, Grey tumbled limestone floor tiles, grey limestone slabs…etc.

Egyptian Granite

Gandona Aswan granite tiles, Gandona Aswan granite slabs, Karnak Gray granite tiles, Karnak Gray granite slabs, Red Aswan light granite tiles, Red Aswan light granite slabs, Royal Red granite tiles, Royal Red granite slabs, Verdi Ghazal granite tiles, Verdi Ghazal granite slabs, Bianco Halayeb granite tiles, Bianco Halayeb granite slabs, Nero Aswan granite tiles, Nero Aswan granite slabs, Rosa el Nasr granite tiles, Rosa el Naser granite slabs, Shabah Sinai granite tiles, Shabah Sinai granite slabs, White Safaga granite tiles, White Safaga granite slabs, Zeatone granite tiles, Zeatone granite slabs, Ramady Sherka granite tiles, Ramady Sherka granite slabs, Forsan granite tiles, Forsan granite slabs, Pink Aswan granite tiles, Pink Aswan granite slabs, Bianco Nouva granite tiles, Bianco Nova granite slabs, Rosa Shayeb granite tiles, Rosa Shayeb granite slabs, red granite slabs , red granite tiles , black granite tiles , black granite slabs , grey granite tiles , grey granite slabs  stone manufacturer in Egypt , Dijon limestone producer , stone factory Egypt , stone tile factory Egypt , Egyptian stone factory , Egyptian stone wholesaler …etc.

Egyptian Marble

Jerusalem light marble / Sunny marble, Sinai Pearl Honed marble / Teriesta marble, Dijon Tumbled marble floor tiles / Triesta “Sinai Pearl”, Sinai Pearl Brushed marble “Triesta”, Sinai Pearl Sandblasted marble for swimming pools, Dijon Honed marble, Sunny light splitface Egyptian marble “Light Jerusalem”, Sunny medium Egyptian marble “Light Jerusalem”, Galala light Egyptian marble, Galala light brushed Egyptian marble, Triesta marble Egypt, Sunny light Egyptian marble “Light Jerusalem”, Silvia Egyptian marble, Catrina Tumbled marble tile and brushed Egyptian marble “Relic grey”, Breccia Egyptian marble, Nile grey marble, Fure Flower Egyptian marble, Filetto Egyptian marble, Khatmia Egyptian marble, Golden Sinai Egyptian marble, Fantasia Flower Egyptian marble, Fure Selsela Egyptian marble, Imperial Egyptian marble, Fresca Selsela Egyptian marble, Hathor Cream Egyptian marble “Imperial marble”, Samaha Egyptian marble, Zamzam Egyptian marble, dove grey tumbled marble, Grey marble acid etched, light marble acid etched, Jerusalem marble tiles, rustic marble floor tiles, Sinai marble Egypt, Grey tumbled marble floor tiles, grey marble slabs…etc.