We own a shipping company, established specifically to facilitate the process of shipping to our valuable customers all over the world, so we can easily ship CIF to any port worldwide.


“ex-factory” price, EXW basically means the cost of the product and nothing else!


FOB is a term, which means that the seller only pays for product transportation up to the shipment or export port. They will also pay for the loading costs onto the vessel. Thus, the buyer or importer will assume the burden of cost for marine freight transport, unloading of goods, insurance and any costs when the products reach the destination port.



For CIF, the price also includes sea freight charges and insurance to deliver the goods to YOUR nearest port. But remember, it’s only to the port. From that point onwards, it’s up to you to take responsibility for the shipment


The term CFR means that the seller has more responsibility; they will pay for and arrange transportation. This can be contrasted with a seller under an FOB shipping transaction; where the seller is merely responsible for delivery of the goods to the port of origin; they will then be transported.


FOT means Free on Truck and refers to goods being carried by truck. This term should only be used when the goods are carried by truck. The risk of loss or damage is transferred to the buyer when the goods are loaded onto the truck