Marble Art Products

Water Jet – Marble Art

ELT, a top-notch service provider, employs cutting-edge Italian water jet cutting technology that facilitates precise and intricate slicing of marble and limestone. The process involves utilizing a jet of water at high pressure, which can be further enhanced by the addition of an abrasive substance to achieve superior results.

This advanced technique enables ELT to undertake a wide range of cutting, carving, and shaping operations with unparalleled accuracy and finesse. The end product is a stunning masterpiece that boasts of excellent finishes and designs, tailored to meet all your specific needs and preferences.


Mosaic – Marble Art

Mosaic art is a decorative art form that involves creating images, patterns, and designs using small pieces of tiles, glass, or stone. This art has a unique and attractive magnificence that is appreciated by those who love beauty.

At ELT, we offer three main methods for creating mosaic art: the Direct method, Indirect method, and the Double Indirect method. Each of these methods presents its own set of advantages and techniques for creating stunning mosaic designs.

If you have a particular design and dimensions in mind, you can send them to us, and we will help you bring your vision to life.

Egyptian Limestone tiles

Wall cladding – Marble Art

Wall cladding is when a selected material is used to cover an exterior wall.  It is necessary in certain areas like kitchens and bathrooms in order to prevent the walls against heat, gas vapors and water produced when cooking or having a shower; this will protect the walls from walls peel.

Significance of the wall cladding comes from being considered the best solution and at the same time gives a supreme look at your home. Various marble or limestone finishes as rock face, split face will grant the wall a fantastic look that will last forever.
ELT can help you in choosing the best engravings; frets and skirting for your wall cladding; we have a unique variety of designs that can help.