Basalt stone


Egyptian Basalt Stone:

Basalt stone is a dark-colored igneous rock that is applicable for any whether, it forms as an extrusive rock. It is used from centuries.

It is formed mainly of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals.


Basalt sandstone from Egypt:

“Basaltina” is considered one of the best basalt stone that exists. It was used by the ancient Egypt and in Roma; ancient Egyptians used it in making the pharaonic statues; and still to these days; it is used in architecture.

General Maintenance Tips for Basalt Stone

As it is known; Basalt stone is a porous rock with natural holes; it looks fantastic whether remaining unfilled or factory-filled with cement for example. But take care not to expose Basalt stone to oil or a highly-pigmented liquid as it might stain and not to be filled with resin from outside; as resin will change its color overtime.

If you are going to grout material; seal it first before grouting or use; and use a similar color for grouting the stone

If you are going to use it in kitchen countertops applications; please wipe up spills immediately in order to reduce the staining appearance.


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