Why Egyptian Limestone Tiles (ELT)
Egyptian limestone tiles will add to your business or your home the antique & ancient look for the Egyptian beauty that will last forever and its value will increase over time.
As one of the important marble and granite companies in Egypt; our Egyptian limestone tiles are available in wide range of sizes, colors and finish that will definitely match your interests. Egyptian limestone tiles export large quantities to the European market which guarantee excellent tiles’ features & top quality measures; where our factories’ capacity from manufacturing all products exceeds 600m2/Shift.

Our Goal

Egyptian Limestone Tiles (ELT) main goal is to ensure that every single customer is 100% satisfied with our products provided; we are committed to meet all customers’ needs in a timely manner consistently with the quality control in sizes (calibrated tiles) and the color monitoring
Egyptian limestone tiles will add to your business or your home the antique & ancient look for the Egyptian tile that will last forever and its value will increase over time.

Egyptian Limestone

The Limestone industry is one of the oldest industries in the World. And nature has granted Egypt an enormous and high quality of Egyptian limestone. From 2700 years; Egyptian knew cutting of the decorative stones; the Great Pyramid and its associated complex in Giza is evidence; as it was made of limestone.
Limestone in Egypt nowadays is considered one of the most active and progressing limestone markets in Africa; as it possesses a unique geographical position making it nominated as a center for Africa & the Middle East.

Formation Of Limestone

It is a sedimentary rock, limestone has been formed over a lot of years; it is mainly formed of grains, it has different forms depending on the method of figuration; Limestone may take the wonderful crystalline form, solid, granular or clastic form.
Egyptian limestone tiles will add to your business or your home the antique & ancient look for the Egyptian tile that will last forever and its value will increase over time.

Advantages / Importance Of Limestone

Limestone is durable, timeless and long-lasting for ages, which explains why many Egyptian limestone ruins survive until now. Egyptian limestone tiles present to you a heavy stone that can afford heavy loads on it. It is ideal in flooring; as a limestone flooring tile and kitchen countertops because it can be treated with anti-scratch option; in addition to its water and heat-resistance.

How Can You Choose The Right Limestone

It is very important to decide the correct limestone for your project or even for your home; we promise you to find in our products all your needs and match your demands. Egyptian limestone tiles have the experts & the state-of-the-art tools that can help you in selecting the best limestone flooring tiles that suit you; offering different flooring tiles with a wide variety of wonderful & charming limestone colors and finishing.

Uses Of Limestone

You can use limestone tiles everywhere as it grants a rich spirit of originality and elegance; with its marvelous style and harmonious veins.
Egyptian limestone tiles offer you a plenty of designs for your indoor flooring tiles, outdoor flooring tiles, outdoor limestone pavers, wall cladding, stairways, limestone pavers around pool, limestone pool tiles, kitchen walls, limestone flooring in kitchen, bathroom walls, kitchen countertops & sinks, limestone outdoor tiles, water jet/fountains, limestone tile shower, fireplace, balustrade, columns, mosaic and much more with all tile sizes you need.

Egyptian limestone tiles can manufacture any design for you according to your requirements.

Egyptian Limestone Colors

For Cream color and yellow cream you will find the galala extra limestone, galala classic limestone, sunny light limestone, samaha light limestone and with variety of color degrees
For the Grey Egyptian limestone tiles; we have a variety of grey color limestone such as the light grey limestone, Nile grey limestone, dark grey limestone and the mil grey limestone, also black Egyptian marble, black limestone floor tiles
Also for the beige limestone, you can find sinai pearl beige, sinai peal limestone tiles, imperial limestone tiles and the galala limestone


ELT provides fantastic finish that will definitely fit your needs; specifically for you we offer: Polished limestone, Honed limestone, Tumbled limestone, Brushed limestone, Acid wash limestone, Split face limestone, Flamed limestone, Engraving limestone, Honed Brushed limestone, Acid Brushed limestone, Tumbled Brushed limestone, Hammered limestone, Brushed Hammered, tumbled limestone floor tiles, limestone slabs, tumbled limestone tiles, rustic limestone tiles, tumbled limestone paving, polished limestone tiles, …etc.

A Sight For Our Collection Of Egyptian Limestone (With Different Egyptian Limestone Types)

Jerusalem light limestone/Sunny limestone, Sinai Pearl Honed limestone / Teriesta limestone, Dijon Tumbled limestone floor tiles/Triesta “Sinai Pearl”, Sinai Pearl Brushed limestone “Triesta”, Sinai Pearl Sandblasted limestone for swimming pools, Dijon Honed limestone, Sunny light splitface Egyptian limestone “Light Jerusalem”, Sunny medium Egyptian limestone “Light Jerusalem”, Galala light Egyptian limestone, Galala light brushed Egyptian limestone, Triesta limestone Egypt, Sunny light Egyptian limestone “Light Jerusalem”, Silvia Egyptian limestone, Catrina Tumbled limestone tile and brushed Egyptian limestone “Relic grey”, Breccia Egyptian limestone, Nile grey limestone, Fure Flower Egyptian limestone, Filetto Egyptian limestone, Khatmia Egyptian limestone, Golden Sinai Egyptian limestone, Fantasia Flower Egyptian limestone, Fure Selsela Egyptian limestone, Imperial Egyptian limestone, Fresca Selsela Egyptian limestone, Hathor Cream Egyptian limestone “Imperial marble”, Samaha Egyptian limestone, Zamzam Egyptian limestone, dove grey tumbled limestone, Grey limestone acid etched, light limestone acid etched, Jerusalem limestone tiles, rustic limestone floor tiles, Sinai limestone Egypt,

Limestone Areas

“Limestone from Egypt” it’s a trade mark! Where almost all the ancient limestone quarries in Egypt were gathered in the hills and cliffs bordering along the Nile River valley between Cairo in the north and Esna in the south; you might found also some limestone quarried along the Nile Delta’s Mediterranean coast near Alexandria and the Sinai Peninsula region.

Why Egyptian Limestone Tiles (ELT)

Yet Egyptian Limestone Tiles (ELT) is an Egyptian marble company that take place as one of the few marble factories in Egypt that tend to acquire the latest technology in limestone quarrying and processing, it is the best company to offer all countries in the world imported marble from Egypt. It is your best choice among all limestone factories