Mica is a sedimentary rock that is applicable for any whether, it is made up of quartz.

It doesn’t include any specific mineral, but there are some other minerals that can add color & character to it such as clays, hematite, feldspar and limonite. Thus you can find different colors and patterns for Mica sandstone


Applications for Mica

It is ideal, useful and has its unique look in the following applications:


Egyptian Mica stone

Mica is the perfect option when binding with cement and long-lasting.

Durable for walls’ application, wall facings, arches, beams, pillars, garden furniture, landscaping products and arts…etc.


Resistant to Any Weather

Because of this advantage; Mica stone is used for tiles, slabs, paving and blocks. It has an excellent look and can take different patterns in garden pavements.


Plate Manufacturing

Since Mica sandstones are resistant to air and at the same time have low water absorption ability; they can be used in manufacturing of plate glass and table glassware


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