Finishing Types

ELT for Import Marble, Granite and Limestone from Egypt


It is a mirror-like surface where it is applicable for both marble and granite stone. Polish Finish is a popular choice of finishing and it is done through professional and well-trained technicians.


It is a matte, smooth and flat surface with a slight reflection of light without any bump or ridge.


It is a technique used to create an aged appearance giving the impression that it has been walked on for centuries.


It is a technique used to give the surface a rough-raised and smooth texture at the same time. Brush finish is used to scrape the top of the stone giving it more of an antique look.


It is a finish in which we expose the surface of the stone with high temperature (through a torch) make it expands & flakes-off, causing a rough layer that gives it the look of natural weathering.

Acid Wash

It is a chemical treatment used through adding acid on the surface of the stone.

Bush Hammered

It is a technique where the surface of the stone is hammered by a tool; and therefore creates deep ridges giving it a natural rough texture


It is a technique where the stone is blasted with a high-pressure sprinkle composed of air, sand and other grit, and keep spraying across the surface until it gives a fine and textured appearance that gives the impression of a combed beach.

Split face 

It is a technique where the stone is mechanically split using machines. It creates a rough face which gives a natural cleft look.

Engraving Finishing

It is a technique used when cutting grooves by a burin on the flat surface of the stone forming a decorative shape.