Egyptian Marble and granite exporter


Egyptian Limestone Tiles

A leading Egyptian marble and granite exporter to the world


Egyptian Limestone Tiles is a leading Egyptian Marble and Granite exporter and manufacturer. Our premium quality of products, finishing, packing and shipping in addition to our world class factories in Cairo made us one of the main exporters of Egyptian Marble, Egyptian Granite, Egyptian limestone and Egyptian stones to the whole world for over 14 which are our years of experience.

Our understanding to this business needs with our huge number of experienced professionals in the construction & building industry, architects, executive & decorative engineers makes us delivering quality products that satisfy our customers around the world.

We offer a wide variety of products from our quarries and mines including Egyptian Marble tiles, Egyptian Granite Tiles, Egyptian Marble slabs and Egyptian Granite slabs, these products come with top quality finishes that satisfy different tastes and applied to various uses.

Egyptian Marble and granite exporter

ELT as a leading Egyptian marble and granite exporter offers a wide range of finishing types:


Why Egyptian Limestone Tiles?

On choosing a Marble and Granite supplier, it is about the legitimacy of the company and the quality provided. In Egyptian Limestone Tiles, we listen and understand our customers’ needs and deliver beyond expectations, and that what make us a leading exporter and global supplier of Egyptian Marble, Egyptian granite and Egyptian Limestone, that makes us your supplier of choice!!


Shall any broken or damaged tile will be replaced?

Through years of experience we did gain our customers’ trust with a guarantee that any broken or damaged tile shall be replaced at our cost.


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