Melly Grey Egyptian Limestone ELT

Melly Grey It is a dark grey limestone slabs shaded gradually from dark color to pale brown color, which grants a unique looking for those who appreciate beauty.
Mil Grey Egyptian limestone tiles are ideal for those who are searching for a limestone tile that gives out a superior style and an adorable classy appearance.

Named also: Nile Grey Slabs / Nile Grey tiles, Royal Grey tiles, Fossil Gray

Egyptian limestone Tiles  (ELT) presents to you amazing slabs & tiles of limestone with different shapes and sizes. It is perfect for your floor tiles and a right choice to apply in your Exterior flooring & Interior flooring and interior wall applications; also external building cladding (wall capping). In addition to that, it is imaginary to be applied in Kitchen countertops, Bathroom, Living room, mosaic, fountains and for outdoor landscape and any other projects’ design


Melly Grey’s Features:

  • Easy to be installed and washed out
  • Require low maintenance
  • Long-lasting & a durable stone

Obtainable Sizes:

-Regular limestone sizes are:

12×12, 12×18, 12×24, 16×16, 16×24, 18×18, 24×24, 24×36, 32×32, 36×36, 40x40inch…

-Regular Limestone Metric sizes are:

30×60, 40×40, 40×60, 40×80, 60×60, 60×90, 80×80, 90×90, 100x100cm

-General Limestone Tile’s Thicknesses are: 1cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2cm and 3cm

General Limestone Slab’s thicknesses are 2cm, 3cm,4cm, 5cm

-Egyptian limestone Tiles (ELT) gives you the chance to choose any desired size that suits you best according to your project


ELT provides fantastic finish that will definitely fit your needs; You’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling from these tiles

-polished, unpolished, honed, brushed, acid, sandblasted, bush hammered, tumbled, striped, split face tiles