Sunny Split Face- Egyptian Marble

Sunny Split Face It is a shiny marble slabs with a beige color and light brown veins, which grants a special looking for those who are concerned with beauty.

-Sunny marble split face shows the most indomitable side of the rock. The appearance is very similar to that of a broken or divided fragment using the natural cutting technique but with more reliefs and protuberances.

-Named also: Light Jerusalem tiles, Giallo Sinai tiles, Cleopatra tiles, sunny marble, sunny light split face

-Sunny light tiles is the best choice for wall cladding (interior & exterior)

Sunny Split Face’s Features:

  • Easy to be installed and washed out
  • Require low maintenance
  • Long-lasting & a durable stone

Availability : Marble Tiles

-Egyptian limestone Tiles (ELT) gives you the chance to choose any desired size that suits you best according to your project

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ELT provides fantastic finish that will definitely fit your needs; You’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling from these tiles

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